Phurua Garden


Welcome To Phuruagarden , home of exotic plants from around the world. Phurua is situated in north east of Thailand, 500 kilometers from Capital Bangkok, .The climate is cold at night in winter time and warm during the day. Summer is not so hot like another places in Thailand and it rains quite heavily due to thick forest around the city and our neighbor-Laos. Thus it makes Phurua an excellent climate to grow all kind of flora, Phurua is on the high land plateau with over 600 meters height, the scenery of mountain and thick forest is breath taking. We also have cactus, echivera, fuchsia, amarillo . The best time to visit Phurua is December until March as the weather is cold ,the best time to see annual flower blooming.

We have collected over several hundreds kind of bromeliads mainly neoregilia . The colour of neoregilia is splendid with multicolor of red, black, pink,purple etc. Please visit our gallery to see the beatiful bromeliads, the hardiest plant which is so easy to take care. . Very few disease can attak bromeliads. 

We also have many kind of cymbidium and native orchids of Southest Asia.

 Phurua Garden, City of Phurua, Loei Province, Thailand

 Office : Phuruagarden, 299/95 Areeya Mandarina Village, Suthisanvinichai Road, Bangkok     Telephone and fax 022748591                 

email:  mobile phone :0846466622   , 0819320544 

Bromeliads List

Common bromeliad : Painted Desert, Painted Lady, Crimson Nest, Red Devil, Yellow Devil,Black Forest, Royal Burgandy, Big Red, Takemura Grande, Sun King, spectabilis, spectabilis variegata, spectabilis rubra, Oh No, Luxurion, Zacate and non variegate, Catherine Wilson, Sheba,compacta, Rambling Rose, Nefereti, Jamaica, Rivera, Meyendoffi, Heart of Fire, Victoria Red, Rambling Rose, Wild Card, marmorata, Fosperion, Pink Polka Dot, Royal Robe, Midnight, Hojo Rojo, Lavae Red, Gorion, fireball, Red Planet Mercury, Marconxconcentrica, many carolinae hybrids, concentrica hybrid no 1, Passion hybrid no 1, Passion Hybrid no 2.